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Welcome to the Home Site of Miika, AKA Moonwolf - a 3D Artist and animator, an author, a web designer, a disabled Veteran and disability rights advocate.

Unfortunately, due to a hack the contents of Moonwolf's Lair are in limbo, and have to be reconstructed from scratch. This means Moonwolf's Lair is looking kinda sparse right now as I track down old copies and archives and try to recreate posts spanning a decade or more!

On the bright side, this means I can take advantage of rebuilding Moonwolf's Lair to improve on it, both in content and presentation.

Latest Posts
Debrief - Honor Flight April 12-13 2014

Debrief – Honor Flight April 12-13 2014

Wow is all I can say to this weekend and Honor Flight Network’s efforts at the National World War II Memorial here in Washington DC.SaturdayHeading down the Mall towards the memorial in the morning, I had a feeling this was going to be rough logistically.  Saturday was the day of the National Cherry Blossom Festival [...]

Video: The Homecoming They Never Had

Video: The Homecoming They Never Had

Although I’m not originally from the United States, I’d heard the stories about how returning Vietnam Veterans were treated by “civilians” population.  When I was first involved with Rolling Thunder, then more deeply as a Patriot Guard Rider, those stories became a lot more real – especially given similarities to how veterans the other side of the [...]

Debrief - Honor Flight April 5th 2014

Debrief – Honor Flight April 5th 2014

The weather has gotten better, and Honor Flights have resumed!My first of 2014, and it was somewhat overwhelming – enough that I couldn’t take pictures of most of it.I got to see old faces, new faces.  Kilroy (John) was there as always, with a very clued in 15-year old – both decked out in World [...]

Moonwolf's Lair 2014

Moonwolf’s Lair 2014

It’s a truism that nothing on the Internet ever really dies, and this site is the same.  Yes, dear readers, Moonwolf’s Lair is back! Well, sort of. It’s taking a little time to recreate the old site content and bring it all back up, because I decided to take this opportunity to make some long-overdue [...]

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