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Welcome to the Home Site of Miika, AKA Moonwolf – a 3D Artist and animator, an author, a web designer, a disabled Veteran and disability rights advocate.

Unfortunately, due to a hack the contents of Moonwolf’s Lair are in limbo, and have to be reconstructed from scratch. This means Moonwolf’s Lair is looking kinda sparse right now as I track down old copies and archives and try to recreate posts spanning a decade or more!

On the bright side, this means I can take advantage of rebuilding Moonwolf’s Lair to improve on it, both in content and presentation.

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#AmWriting: A Truly Shakespearean Occupation

#AmWriting: A Truly Shakespearean Occupation

My thoughts on handling reviews and social media feedback as a writer, from a blog post Carrie Clevenger (@texistential) made #amWriting

Rolling Thunder XXVII - Memorial Day Weekend 2014

Rolling Thunder XXVII – Memorial Day Weekend 2014

An attempt to write up participating in Rolling Thunder XXVII, the annual MIA/POW Demonstration Run of 2014

Rolling Thunder: Steel Voices

Rolling Thunder: Steel Voices

A poem written after Rolling Thunder 2006, and some thoughts about the purpose of Rolling Thunder XXVII in 2014

Site Update 5/7/2014

Site Update 5/7/2014

It’s been a busy few days catching up on redesigning and rebuilding the ‘Lair, but mostly things have been moving forwards. This is, unfortunately, one of those detestable “Good News, Bad News” postings. So, what’s the good news? I’ve started adding in new graphical elements, including fancy quote stuff and icons for categories and boxes [...]

Debrief - Honor Flight May 3rd 2014

Debrief – Honor Flight May 3rd 2014

It has been a rollercoaster week, starting ominously with a visit to the Emergency Room, then staying at home during the torrential rains midweek, but all culminating with one of the best days of Honor Flights I’ve had to date. The schedule was full, flights were due in from Austin and Dallas Texas, San Diego [...]

Debrief - Honor Flight April 12-13 2014

Debrief – Honor Flight April 12-13 2014

Wow is all I can say to this weekend and Honor Flight Network‘s efforts at the National World War II Memorial here in Washington DC. Saturday Heading down the Mall towards the memorial in the morning, I had a feeling this was going to be rough logistically.  Saturday was the day of the National Cherry [...]

Video: The Homecoming They Never Had

Video: The Homecoming They Never Had

Although I’m not originally from the United States, I’d heard the stories about how returning Vietnam Veterans were treated by “civilians” population.  When I was first involved with Rolling Thunder, then more deeply as a Patriot Guard Rider, those stories became a lot more real – especially given similarities to how veterans the other side of the [...]

Debrief - Honor Flight April 5th 2014

Debrief – Honor Flight April 5th 2014

The weather has gotten better, and Honor Flights have resumed! My first of 2014, and it was somewhat overwhelming – enough that I couldn’t take pictures of most of it. I got to see old faces, new faces.  Kilroy (John) was there as always, with a very clued in 15-year old – both decked out [...]

Moonwolf's Lair 2014

Moonwolf’s Lair 2014

It’s a truism that nothing on the Internet ever really dies, and this site is the same.  Yes, dear readers, Moonwolf’s Lair is back! Well, sort of. It’s taking a little time to recreate the old site content and bring it all back up, because I decided to take this opportunity to make some long-overdue [...]